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 Our soaps are rich and creamy, moistuizing, massaging, made with shea butter so you use less lotion and you don't have to put on perfume becasue the soap will leave behind a long lasting aroma, not to mention we have a holding band so you won't drop your soap in the tub.   

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All of the fragrance are made of the oils that make up the actual perfumes and colognes, they are by no mean the manufactured scents of the actual perfume and colognes they are the essence of the fragrance or as we call it in the oil fragrance world the "Type". I have highlighted the names of the soap in the same color of the bar of soap, to save you uploading time.  Enjoy, you can't pick a bad one they are all full of wonderful aromas.


Beyonce “Heat Type”-"Our rendition of this fabulous fragrance is a west, zesty and tropical scent that blooms on your skin like a gorgeous fresh and exotic flower. It opens with amazing and tantalizing top notes of Edens Mist, Orange Flower Templar, hyacinth and exotic Jabuticaba fruit. The broad middle is filled out with Laelia orchid, Crepe jasmin, Mahonia Japonica pink honeysuckle and grounded in plum blossoms, ambrette seed, Zebrano wood, Golden Melaleuca bark and astringent willow leaf."


Victoria Secret “Pink Fresh & Clean Type”- Very sexy and sultry, yet very feminine. Very diverse and well-balanced with light fruity notes of strawberry, pear and light green apples with tiny touches of citrus, geranium, jasmine and rose. It has a heady, rich musky powdery base."


Mariah Carey “M Type”-"A fantasy scent to compliment the exquisite beauty of the Bird of Paradise flower found in tropical climates. A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranates, creamy vanilla and coconut milk with hints of rose petals and soft jasmine."


Juicy Couture Type-"Watermelon, mandarin, pink passionfruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, Princess lily, tuberose, caramel crème brulee, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli."


Casmir-"This fragrance is based on Casmir by Parfums Chopard. This intoxicating, oriental fragrance starts with floral orange blossom top, a creamy coconut milk middle and a vanilla, musk drydown."


Cotton Candy-"Sweet pastel carnival fun is here with this delightful candy treat. Top notes of sugar berry, strawberry and sweet fruity vanilla held together with a sweet cotton candy base."


Sarah Jessica Parker “Lovely Type”-"It's a sweet floral, that's fresh and light, but not cloying and never over-the-top or annoying. It's a blend of fresh top notes of green mandarin, bergamot, green apple martini and lavender. A heart of patchouli, orchid and narcissus is layered over white amber, red cedar and sensuous musk."


Egyptian Musk-"Warm, sensual and very calming, this multi-faceted scent is the basis of many classic perfumes of the 20th century. Rich and full-bodied, it is a mysterious and haunting fragrance that is wonderful alone or can be blended using various florals and spice notes. You will imagine Cleopatra, herself, wearing this regal fragrance. It is often used to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life."


Armani Code "Top notes of rose petals and jasmine; middle notes of lavender and oakmoss; bottom notes of baby powder. Very complex!"


Dolce & Gabanna “Light Blue Type”-"Top notes of peach, bluebell, tart green Granny Smith apple, lemon and jasmine lead to a fresh, fruity-floral heart of bamboo, white rose, guava and pineapple, atop a sweet, woody base of musk, amber, cedar and sandalwood. The overall effect is that of a strong, fresh floral that's decidedly upscale and definitely irresistible."


Estee Lauder “Pleasures Type”"...top notes of lily and violet leaf, with an intense floral-ozonic middle of lilac, peony, jasmine and rose. Bottom notes of sandalwood and patchouli make for a smooth, long-lasting finish."


Usher Black Label for Men Type”- A-Men, as it is known in Europe, is a masculine version of this sweet and somewhat foody fragrance. Top notes include bergamot, lavender and peppermint; heart notes of coffee, patchouli and a slight touch of pine tar; and a lush, sweet bottom filled with candy aromas of caramel, vanilla and chocolate."


Angie's Speical Blend “Earth” -"...this deep, hearty scent is comprised mainly of amber and vetiver, top notes of mandarin and melon, which quickly metamorphose to a strong floral middle led by notes of jasmine, orange blossom and rose, atop a woody base supplemented by vanilla and musk."


Handsome-"...its top note is a powerful green herbal complex, leading to a middle of jasmine, thyme, pine and a touch of spice, with smooth oakmoss, deep woody vetiver, sandalwood, musk and myrrh in the drydown."


Angie Special Blend “ Captured“ "The Hawaiian breeze gently glides over zesty peels of bergamot and Kaffir lime leaves where necklaces are adorned with petals of star jasmine, tiare flower and white cyclamen, as sweet vanilla orchids fill the air for a welcoming tropical retreat!"


Angie’s Special Blend Wedding day-"A sweet floral bouquet with top notes of peach blossom, crown vetch and orange blossoms; a rosy violet, carnation middle note; and a woody, sweet jasmine base note."


Angie Special Blend “Allure-"Notes of jasmine, lily, lavender and roses on a light musky background with just a whisper of herbs have made this a long-time favorite! I couldn't be more pleased as it has also been a favorite of mine."


Ellsworth Special Blend Adam-"This unmistakably masculine fragrance, It is comprised of top notes of orange, sage and lemon that blend into carnation, geranium, cinnamon, jasmine and heliotrope. Finishing off this blend is vanilla, cedarwood, frankincense, tonka and musk when making this scent I think of my husband, strong but gentle, beautiful and humble"


Papaya Mango-"This wonderful sweet aroma of mango which is a tropical fruit with juicy aromatic pulp and papaya which comes from an American tropical tree with sweet, delicious fruit."


And more to come this spring...


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