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Becoming a Upton Products Distributor...

Interested is selling Upton Products it's as simple as inviting your girlfriends over and allowing me to share my products.  As a party host you will recive 15% OF ALL SALES and or product it's your choice.


To be a distributor you place orders and I will deliver the products, it's that easy.  Call 815.977.4152 and let's get started.

 Products for sale are:

Massaging Soap on a rope                           $6.50                        2 for $12.00
Whipped Very Soft Shea Butter               $13.50 plain           $15.00 scented
Designer Fragrance Oils                               $6.50 1/3 oz.         $10.00 1oz.

Coming soon

Home & Car Oils
Oil Burning Oils
Dead Sea Salts


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